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How to decide
your website size?

RM x Studio's policy is to understand what the users really need and to address the needs of each layer. So as to provide the most suitable website and system for you! There are no unnecessary features and charges, and there are no data and charts that you don't know "how to use".

In addition to building websites and systems, RM x Studio understands that users need to change their servers , but they are afraid of the impact of changing. It is quite scary to want to change but don't know how to start! Therefore, we will provide general website upgrade and relocation services to understand this situation, and hope to make the enterprise and personal websites of different degrees more systematic and automated.

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Here are some of the website services we can offer:

Advice and Sharing
- Share marketing plan -
- Design website for you -
- SEO update directions -
Design and Create
- UI / UX Design -
- Graphic AD design -
- EDM, one-page design -
Database and System
- Data Structure design -
- Custom System -
- Automated System -
Improve and Relocate
- Website Hosting -
- Addition and Redesign -
- Database Relocation -

Website type and size

「Create a website that you can take care of

The mainstream of website is actually simple, and the more popular website them are 「Business Website」「Shopping Cart」「Social Website」 and 「Personal Website」 etc. These four categories will include technical applications and systems such as membership, people flow, goods and resource management. Many users know that they want a website, but they don't know where to start, plan, and get a balance in price.

In fact, the website is like a house. The scale and price also depend on the advantages and disadvantages of interior decoration and furniture. RM x Studio made a simple and easy to understand detail of website for your reference:
Single Page Web

「Small House」

One-page websites are designed in a simple style, and all the information is included in one page. There are applied to events, simple personal and corporate websites, like personal cards on the internet. Furthermore , one-page-web design is widely used as an EDM and promotional campaign. These sites have a small lifespan and scale, but they are flexible!

In addition,records the customer data with customer tracking and registration entry that is often used for future contact or promotion. In addition to server traffic, the price is relatively cheaper because the functions and server usage don't for long term.

「Holiday Villa」

Including more detailed and information than a one-page website .Often used in company websites, profile products, photography and personal blogs etc. It is also recommended to set up a daily average of 100 to 1,000 people. At this scale, there is a need for backend systems and manager who can help you update the website and manage the system from time to time.

In addition to the basic customer tracking, the function will greatly depending on the website. For example, the functional website such as booking tickets website will be different from the company profile website. The former will pursue simple operation and connection speed, while the latter will focus on data and express themselves. The price of such websites is relatively variable due to different functions. It depends on function request and design, ranging from tens thousands to hundreds thousands.
Online Store / Large Website

「High-rise Building」

In case of large-scale websites, number of pages is uncertain. In addition to higher requirements for layout design, it is more often involved in the cooperation of third-party organizations to enhance the function of the website and improve the operation.

Functional requirements often include unique powerful features, accurate and multi-faceted long-term data analysis, automatic and real-time update processing, and incisive and practical SEO techniques. Due to the strong demand of professionals, technology and servers, the price varies from person to person, from hundreds of thousands of budgeted for whole website, to hundreds of thousands of dollars just the server's electricity bill.


The website is long-term business, and we will work together to set
the direction and move towards the world step by step!