RM x System

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What System is best for you?

Efficiency ,that mean refers to the concept of using the resources of all parties most effectively to meet your wishes and needs. In this society, if you want to deal with annoying data more efficiently, you need a good system! Neat and succinct data can make you feel good, not only bring more results with less effort and also make you enjoy it! Factory engineering orders, small stores and living income calculations, you will never escape an annoying data processing.

However, we are understanding when the user used system ,the operation feeling and automation are very important. Therefore, we hope to have a long-term cooperation with you to achieve a win-win situation!

System Categories

You can't fully understand all system on the internet, let alone find one that is most suitable for your use! For this situation, we will help someone who don't know what system they wanted to make the following categories. We hope that after we have to learn about your marketing plan, we will follow your plan, direction and scale to create a system that best suits your business model!

We are working on creating different system for different users who are individual stores, chain stores, school!
ERP & CRM System
There are quite a lot of changes in ERP & CRM System. It is often necessary to cooperate with third-party organizations for instant updates. It also have a automatic function, like a timed and instant shipping reminders. It is necessary to output different reports for administrative use, so the cost will more big changes and Database processing will be relatively complex.
POS & Online Service
POS & Online Service systems are relatively simple to ERP & CRM system, but they are more demanding in terms of immediate updates and corresponding multi-instructions, such as snapping time-limited tickets and goods, and instant orders. There are needed to be updated quickly and accurately , the preparation beforehand is more indispensable. For commercial operations, it is more convenient to use with different ERP and CRM systems.
CMS & SMM System
CMS & SMM System is a system for processing its content and traffic data for different customers. They have different needed, but data all are mainly for comparison! With the development of different plugin and modules in the CMS system, the website has also become more open development! Professional data have become easier to understand like analytics charts!


The type of system that each guest needs is different.
Tell us what you need!