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The mobile phone is easy to carry and use there powerful function. There are easily to become our part of habit and a necessity for our life! Smartphones also offer games, instant trading, social platforms and control of smart furniture... countless function and features! Simple, Easy and Fast is the only way to make things popular. In the future, mobile phone may be can do anythings In this generation what is smartphone in the mainstream, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is possible to control the world by controlling the smartphone!

We enjoy the convenience of smartphones every day, but how much do we know about mobile apps? Here, let us explain the various types of mobile applications for you! Explain why it looks like a same one, but why the price is so different!

Web App

「First choice for show events and profile information」
Because using a browser so that is often referred to as a "mobile website" (or Responsive Website). It can be used without installed any mobile app and the functions are including camera, GPS, get phone number etc.! and this technology (H5) is more often used in a brief introduction or events in mobile applications!
There are many advantages of web app, such as the basic programming language used html, js and css that are more easily to getting started and handle. Furthermore , the program is executed and running on the browser .So there are cross platform and this have a low cost and production time.
This programs is running on the browser and the browsing experience will be affected depending on the network requirements. So that can't make overly complex animations and special effects. It's more likely that browser design will conflict with phone gestures and you won't be able to use some features.

Native App

「Leave a professional impression」
Mobile applications must have considerable professional knowledge and a specified programming language to create, such as Objective-C and Java, while native applications refer to writing in the specified programming language without post-compilation. So compared to hybrid app, the native application is more directly used on the system. It can be create smooth and more unique design!
It can be put on the "App Store" to increase the credibility and match the promotion of different marketing plan. It is also possible to read files quickly and then there are stable performance and execution speed are faster than other! There can create the functions and interface design you want without boundaries!
The requirements for long production time and programming expertise are quite high and the cost will greatly increased. The most terrible thing is the program cannot hardly be used across platforms, so that will make the cost more than double or more.

Hybrid App

「Fast, High Quality But Cheaper」
Mainly refers to applications built with "auxiliary programs" and "framework tools"! Using the well-known Unity,Unreal, AngularJS and PhoneGap etc., to create a native web-based hybrid application, the degree of blending also depends on the user's requirements, and application can be packaged into a native application and put on App Store.
The production cost and time are also lower than the native application. Although it is finally compiled into the native program and this is pre-reading so the speed and network traffic during execution are better than the web application ! The most important thins is that can be put it on "App Store"!
It is written on a third-party-based program, so that is limited in functionality and cannot be create 100% original of your idea. In addition, when the mobile phone system is updated, the programs may be updated after the provider of the framework tool is updated. Although the system company will provide the test time for third-party to updatie earlier, this may result in a blank period caused by the update at the time of the mobile phone update.


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