RM x Events

「The meaning of events is sharing fun with other」

Help Your Events Further

When it comes to holding publicity and events, everyone has long look forward plans and goals that they want to achieve. Rich content, smooth process, pleasant experience etc. are the main factors that will take the initiative to participate in your promotion and activities next time! All the exciting events require relevant technology and experience, and this is exactly the part of our participation! We are the ones who stand on the user's side and can provide technology and experience!

Our team is happy to work with you and provide advice! Whether it's an anniversary or a regular events, RM x Studio offers professional and appropriate solutions to achieve what you want!

Techniques And Skills

Events are also carefully combined by different core technologies, so each event is unique.
Although it is not guaranteed to be perfect for everyone, let us be your backup and you will overcome difficulties!
Interactive Kiosk
Kiosk is a multimedia device that helps users by interacting with the user. Through touch or specific operation control, different services are often provided of self-service, such as shopping mall orientation, automatic ticket sales etc. Many different function such as taking photos and sharing on social platforms are used in the event.
Virtual Reality
Virtual reality technology is the darling of the information technology industry in addition to artificial intelligence. This technology is not only shining in various events! This complete control of the visual and auditory experience makes you feel like you are in the environment you create. Although today's technology is not used in everyday life, we can take this step for you first.
EDM & Website Promotion
A lot of people who think that "EDM and website promotion are traditional and not very effective". "Whether it's like or hate, it will comment on social media sites to type text or post a media", but is it true? The true is website promotion is the most direct to show of the participants' mentality. While the viewer is being attracted, all the data is really interesting to user . That is important data to help you plan your future direction! It's not just the sharing of poorly tasted graphics to attract false data that is more useless than buying traffic.


Want to share the events that make you laugh? Want to share the joy together?