RM x Career

「Sharing and Technology makes everything interesting!」

Work Is A Modus

We won't need you to say "I'm so happy to work", "Work is my life! I have a sense of success." that is not the kind of normally people said. But I hope that you can make a easy life in your work, learn more technology skill what you are interested in and enjoy the feelings of your work of the results whether is good or not. Let's the dull thing has become interesting and make life more funny. Growth in technology and experience will not be easy. RM x Studio hopes that employees can communicate with each other reasonably, respectfully, share results and tide over difficulties! It is not a short time to improve technology and experience. RM x Studio hopes that staffs can communicate with each other reasonably, respectfully and share the results and tide over the difficulties!

If you would like to join us, don't wait anymore ! Please kindly to send us your resume, expected salary and position at info@rmxstudio.com.hk or WhatsApp to us to talk.


We also welcome professionals from different sectors to join us in Freelancer or part-time ! We hope to work together in the great relationship!

In case of outside of working hour, we also hope to create different works and get approval together! Hardware carpentry electricians, programmer, designers... We expect specialists from all walks of life to work together! Make a satisfying piece!

If you are interested, please email us your resume, photos or description of the work, and we are look forward to be a friend!

Staffs Benefits

We can't guarantee that staffs have a good mood, because the mood depends on yourself, but we hope that you can work under a friendly working environment and security. After all, we also work together in the same environment for a long time.
「Treatment Before Sick 」
Give a staffy a considerate medical plan, hoping to have a comprehensive treatment and rest when you are not feeling well.
「Team recreation」
We are unscrupulous employers in this area because you will be forced to attend parties and events organized by madmen. Of course you can make comments. = )
「Caring our relax 」
There will always something was happened in life that will take time to deal with. Birthdays party, weddings, maternity leave and paternity leave will be included.
「Food Funding」
No free lunch but have free Snack. We just want to add some energy to your sugar-deficient brain, not wanting to fatten you! Absolutely not!
「Continuous Learning」
Society will not stop! This is not the point to continuous learning ,but others develop is so funny! How can you have a new fun without the learning new technology?
「Work Life Balance」
We gradually make the workplace more casual and comfortable; "Don't treat the office as a home because your home may not comfortable like this." This is our goal.

We Are Looking For :

If you would like to join us, don't wait anymore ! Please kindly to send us your resume, expected salary and position at info@rmxstudio.com.hk