About RM x Studio

「We may not the best but we try our best!」

「We can do for you is to do better for you.」

RM x Studio is a creative studio founded in Hong Kong that supports large and small private and business companies. We are creative studio that respecting to creativity and design! We focus on designing and pursuing not a flashy website and mobile apps ,that mean is a real product that can be easily used by users and save the time! Rocket engine is not used for bicycles! More decorated websites may not be convenient for users to know about your products.

System and Database Programming
▶ ERP System
▶ CRM System
▶ POS System
▶ PDM System

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Website and Mobile Programming
▶ RWD / H5 / EDM Programming
▶ UX/UI Design
▶ CMS System
▶ iOS & Android

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System and Database Programming
▶ VR 360 degree shooting
▶ Social media advice and integration
▶ SEO and SEM suggest
▶ Kiosk

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「Our Goals」

RM x Studio RM x studio are comprised of a diverse team of experienced employees.
We respect different communities and cultures. We are more eager to integrate different cultures with our own enthusiasm.
This not only enables technology to develop at a very high speed and also deepens the relationship between our guests and us.

Internet is the key to direct understanding of the different cultures of the world. Everyone knows the key, and we know how to make the best use of this key.

RM x Studio's goal is not only to build a strong system for business. We find solutions to different levels of society. After that , we develop and integrate its in our own systems and different products which is help the society progress and guest.
This is how we operate and perseverance from the heart. We are creating different systems and products that improve our lives in the spirit of "technology is for human lives" to improve different living communities. We mainly use the network and different systems as the basis to develop the practical applications that are easy to work and live on at different levels.

If you want to contribute to the world but don't know where you can pay it, what is best?
Investing in RM x Studio is a great choice!
We will let you know through action that your investment is worthwhile!

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